Hosting just a subdomain with Cloudflare without root nameserver change?

Without getting into the full scenario I have a domain lots of things running on there that I dont want to change, but 2 subdomains host applications that we would like to trial running through cloudflare.

To my understanding I can (and have) set a NS record on the subdomains that I want to point to cloudflare, however cloudflare seems to be an all or nothing approach, and the internet doesnt seem give much information on the subject.

So is there a way to host just a subdomain (with its own NS DNS entries) with cloudflare and if not is there any other workaround, as the DNS for root and other parts is manages elsewhere so I would only really want to delegate these subdomains to cloudflare for now, not everything.

You can add a subdomain only on the Enterprise plan:

You could use a CNAME setup on any paid plan, where you can just CNAME the relevant hosts to (for example).

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