Hosting Ip is still shown

I hosted in namecheap and set up proxy in cloudflare for But I can still see namecheap hosting ip. Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Security Check & Malware Scanner. How to fix it?

When you look in the DevTools of your Browser you can see that it gets served with a Cloudflare IP-Adress. Your check was 3 Hours old because it was in the Cache of the Site. You need to force a recheck to see the new Cloudflare IP-Adress

I deleted the cache and checked but it was showing the same. However I just deleted the cache again and now its working. Thank you.

But its showing a 503 Service Unavailable now

I didnt meant the Cache of your Site. The Site u used to check the IP has a Button on the Bottom of the Page where it tells you when it got last checked and where you can force a recheck.

Your Sites seems to Work normally. Cloudflare is Probably Blocking the Connections from Sucuri because it detects that this is not a real Visitor

ok. Thank you for that

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