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There is a third party tool which can say who is hosting this website when website is behind Cloudflare proxy. is that a Cloudflare bug?

I somewhat doubt that. Can you link to that tool?

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yeah sure. Try these 2 websites.



is that a Cloudflare bug? But websites like barackobama[D]com and taylorswift[D]com they cann’t tell.

I presume you are referring to the site mentioning “Bluehost”. Is that right?

They probably either use historic domain data or try to determine it based on leaked IP addresses (e.g. MX records). That should not be a Cloudflare issue.

No. it’s not historical data. They couldnt say that when I was checking that 4 months ago.

its historical data or bad cloudflare configuration(you can leak your ip address in the dns when used wrong way)… in my case its showing old ip before moving to cloudflare

which website u checked? I think, it’s Cloudflare issue.

nope… if they find your ip the problem is in your side… you are leaking it in some way, check you site dns and see all the records

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it tells exactly hoster. Already tested so many websites.

It’s pretty weird because it doesn’t show that for my domain


Maybe it’s because you use Buehost provided mail?

$ dig MX +short

It’s showing my third party email host as the one hosting my website. Not so accurate.


No. it’s not showing mx record as host. Do you guys need examples?

if you are saying so, Then check this abandarage[D]com

As @sandro already mentioned, this looks like it’s using historical data or MX records. But you’ve got a bunch of Cloudflare veteran users checking all our own domains for this, and what it’s turning up for us is either outdated historical data, or mail hosts. We can’t explain other people’s data leaks, but we’ve got our own sites pretty well clamped down.

Try this one: (No, this site isn’t hosted in Europe, and never has been)


Ok. Maybe in some cases, it’s right. But I mentioned websites above there belong to me so I know how I prepared those. I changed hosting 4 times. In every time I did that from zone editor. I didn’t turn off DNS(DIDN’T TURN TO GRAY COLOR). Changed IP only. And also I mentioned before It’s didn’t show anything 4 month ago.

On my main test domain (which has been behind Cloudflare for a while and has ‘good’ config based on what I currently consider my own best-practices) I just get this:

My other domains are similarly obfuscated. Same results when run them through sites like etc. No mention of real hosts anywhere to be found.


Seems I missed the Cloudflare Hosting blog post. When did that start? :slight_smile:


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