Hosting Error Message for Last Four Weeks

My website is not working. I keep getting the following message:

“Host Error”


If it is a message from your hosting, then likely you need to check with them.

What is the domain?

The website is www.creating

Requests connect to Cloudflare then time out. Likely a problem at your hosting.

You can pause Cloudflare so requests go direct to the host, bypassing Cloudflare, to be sure and maybe see why.

This does not help at all. Can you please send screen shots of the locations where I can take the actions you are recommending?

I ran the check on the link you sent me, and here is what came back. The problem appears to be on your end. You can see the report on your end.

Did you pause Cloudflare as in the instructions? (It isn’t at the moment).

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