Hosting e-mail on separate server

We have been advised to host emails on a separate server from our website, which does make sense.

We have set up an outlook account, which is working, but we’re not happy with the limitations and would prefer to have full control of the email, as you do when you’re simply using your VPS space (we’re with bluehost).

Can anyone recommend the best email hosting set-up? Is it possible to simply purchase another hosting account and use that to host emails? Or set up the mail on sub-domain, whilst preserving the security benefit?

I know this isn’t technically a cloudflare question, but the general level of knowledge is better here than most places and would appreciate any advice.

That’s the thing, the forum is for Cloudflare related questions :slight_smile:

Personally I would probably recommend to go with one of the dedicated mail providers. Microsoft, Google, Yandex, you name it.

If that is not desired you can only set it up yourself on a different machine and host email all yourself. Unfortunately this is where we are leaving the scope of the forum and StackExchange will be much better suited for such a question.

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