Hosting dynamic website using workers

We have many different wallpapers. We want to build the website using back blaze and cloudflare. We want the website to be such that everytime a user refreshed the page, user should get different wallpaper each time. Is it possible to do without using servers? And instead using lambda edge?

Thank you

Meaning, you would host your wallpappers at BB or at Cloudflare KV?

From my perspective, it’s very easy using JavaScript or jQuery and host that .html file at BackBlazew while serving it via Cloudflare on your custom domain (or maybe I am wrong due to this one).

If the question is whether Workers or KV can be used to host pictures for a website, I believe such use is fine while assuming that the website is not serving too much of pictures (due to limits, or the usage due to the TOS).

I am not familiar with it yet.

Kindly, patiently wait for a reply from some more CF experienced user and/or customer.

Sorry I mean cloudflare workers

If you are building an application from scratch, I think starting serverless with Workers is a great idea!

I am very lazy so I build most of my apps combining Cloudflare Workers and Contentful.