Hosting, DNS issue

My domain is Register with Cloudflare, I change hosting, I change the IP in the DNS records. Uptill now when I try to add the domain to my new hosting it won’t accept the domain. Saying the domain is pointed to any ip

Not quite sure what this error is, can you explain and post a screenshot?

I want to change my DNS of my domain. But the domain is registered in CloudWare. No place to modify the DNS

If you want to transfer your DNS to another registrar you can after the period post transfer expires. Otherwise as the error message says you can simply change your /etc/whatever to include your Cloudflare nameservers

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I have changed the DNS records but it still showing domain point to another IP, this is my and when I check which intodns a and www records not found

You people should help me.

I bought new hosting with this records

Server IP:
Nameservers: Nameserver

While my domain is registered with Cloudflare.

I have changed my DNS records in Cloudflare gets is not pointing to my new host

Is it a crime that I transfer my domain to Cloudflare?

I can’t modify my DNS and post it to my new hosting now help, no help

It depends. Which country are you in?

Some hosts are very restrictive and refuse to let you set up a new domain unless you use their name servers. There’s no valid technical reason for this. If that happened to me, I would use a different host.

Right now, that domain shows a 404, so there is some server responding to your domain name.


Thanks , it just manage to accept my domain.


My site loading speed increases

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