Hosting complaint

Hello dear Cloudflare team.

I want to share my concern about a company your are currently hosting. It’s about the company called “Profit Trade” ProfitsTrade - Trade With Ease, Trade With Us | ProfitsTrade . There is a big Scam going on behind this Broker-Company which claims to be a „leading trading platform“.

My mother lost all of her deposit with this broker. Probably Thousands of people lose their money every day. Please have a look at the rating of this brand if you like: Trustpilot: Profitstrade Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Since my mother was betrayed by this company, I am personally affected by this and hope that you will carefully investigate and remove this illegal website so that other people do not fall into the trap like we did… At least if you stand for what you claim to be.

Sincerely yours

First, Cloudflare is not a hosting company - it’s just a proxy service that sits in front of their web servers.

Second, I’m afraid that the community can’t assist with this kind of requests. Kindly submit an abuse report at Cloudflare Abuse Form | Cloudflare

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