Hosting company says cloudflare not working

hi for the past two weeks my site has been very slow. my normal speed is 1.2s to 1.8s but for the past two weeks it is jumping from 3s to 8s.

I am on cloud pro service. my hosting company is saying cloudflare is causing me problems. they are saying that when they test my site without using cloudflare it is faster.

I am not very technical. this has only been happening for the past two weeks. i have not made any changes to my cloudflare but are my hosting company making excuses or is cloudflare for some reason not working properly for my site

May I ask how did you and what tools used for testing and measuring?

Well, I see your hosting provider has got some “cache” setup for your domain in the meantime:


On some resource requests like images, CSS, JS, I see:

x-proxy-cache-info: DT:1
cf-cache-status: HIT

Ant there is some “wait time”, possibly due to some error I get in my Developer Console:

Using a lot of fonts, or at least they are defined, but are all needed in this case?

A quick tip: Try converting them to woff2 format and serving per need.

In terms of TTFB and JavaScript files, try the Rocket loader option.

WordPress behind, so I wonder if your hosting package can handle requests, neither by not nowing your PHP settings, etc.

You are also using a Pro Plan as it seems to me (jpeg are served as webp) :+1:

May I ask have you tried enabling Minify ptions for HTML, CSS and JS at Cloudflare dashboard?
How about Rocket Loader option too?

You have some setInterval and timeout issues in your tagdiv_theme.min.js file too.
Too much of them I get.

Seems to me like it’s checking for my screen/window width to change/adpot the layout and CSS styles.

Some strange request blocking something:
GET -> 404

And in terms of WordPress, you are not using any of the plugins for Page Cache at least, so each time the server has to generate it and serve it to your webpage visitor, rathar than just grab the cached one and serve it in a less than a second.

While the setup of them can me messy sometimes, may I rather suggest you trying out the great Cloudflare APO for WordPress, at least for a month for testing purposes:

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hi, thank you for helping. i have Minify ptions for HTML options enabled. i do not have rocket loader enabled. not sure if i should do that or not. do you recommend it.

i am using wp rocket for cache. it has always helped me to improve my loading speed.

Once I enabled Rocket Loader, I saw improvment in better webpage load time, which usually reffers to to decrease the “Time to First Byte (TTFB)”.

While, some other users have had some issues with it in terms of their JavaScript code conflicts, etc. so they have had to temporary exclude Rocket Loader on their JS resources or completly keep it disabled.

There is also a thing, you could experiment a bit using Cloudflare Page Rules in terms of Caching (Browser Cache TTL, Edge Cache TTL, Cache Level …) and improving your webpage load time.

For WordPress, there are known to be three of them, for example I use below 3 Page Rules on one WordPress Website (using a plugin for serving a .html Page Cache - which Cloudflare caches) using Free plan (the needed cache headers are set on the origin host / server):

I have to admit, I haven’t yet used WP Rocket.

Kindly, I would consider looking into below articles how to properly setup WP Rocket while using Cloudflare (if not already):

In terms of if you choose to try out Cloudflare APO for WordPress while using WP Rocket combination, here is more information about it:

Useful article about how to test speed of a website can be read below:

One article which contain a lot of information about performing page speed and some comparasion:

In terms of testing a page load time for your website, I would prefer using multiple sources/tools for this process, by that I am sharing a useful one’s, big thanks to @eva2000:

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