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My hosting company in their infinite wisdom have decided to upgrade their platform and migrate all users to upgraded servers at the busiest time of the year, needless to say there are many problems and I am having trouble accessing my website.

I think I need to disable Cloudflare before I can troubleshoot, my hosting company has also changed there nameservers, this being the case can I temporarily disable Cloudflare or am I better off starting again with it from scratch?

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@user1371, you probably have a new view of your dashboard (as of yesterday!), the Advanced Options to
“Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the article @domjh recommends are at the bottom of the zone overviewScreenshot%20from%202018-12-12%2012-59-19 screen right sidebar (if you don’t see it, try refreshing the page).

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@cloonan , I haven’t seen the dashboard update yet!! I will have a look. Does this mean that all the support articles will have to be updated!!

@domjh, it’s pretty nice! Here is a blog introducing the changes, For me, it’s responsive on mobile. I appreciate that, I tend to do a lot on trains and the new experience is appreciated. Beyond that, these updates are a modest base camp along the way to prep us for more changes. I don’t know the doc plan and at what point they’ll be updated, but I know the team is constantly sifting through the Help Center to continually improve and update, I suspect they’ll hit the image/workflow updates over time as part of that process.

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Thanks @cloonan, it looks good! I use it a lot on mobile so that will help a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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