Hosting change -It appears you don't have permission to access this page

I Change one of my websites host to : hostgator
In hostgator i make one Addon domain, and upload my full website to the correct folder.
I think , in hostgates it’s all correct because my other websites there is full working.
I change in cloudflare all my “A” records to the shared ip of hostgator.
I replace the “SRV” records from my previous servers to 2 hostgator nameserver.

All other services is full working , like the mx to gmail , It’s Ok.
It’s all i do.

My problem is with web hosting.

When i try acess to my website I receive this error:

" It appears you don’t have
permission to access this page.

403 Error. Forbidden."

This is a cloudflare error.

what i can do to fix this?
Thanks for your help

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