Hosting a Worker on a Custom Domain with SSL

Greetings! I have created a new Worker that I would like to host on a custom domain. My DNS is hosted outside of Cloudflare, so I created a CNAME record which points to the domain. As well as defined a route in Cloudflare. Our SSL certificate has been associated with our domain within Cloudflare. When I access the worker over HTTPS, however, I get an error and do not see a certificate present.

What can I do to make this service available via SSL?


I suggest you find a domain of your own you can add to Cloudflare so you can do this. Cloudflare will not let you CNAME into Cloudflare unless you’re pointing into a Business or Enterprise plan domain. At that point, it’d be a different domain anyway since your current domain isn’t using Cloudflare DNS and you might as well do this with a free account.

Or…just use Cloudflare DNS and it would be so much easier.

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