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I am using Hugo to build a website that contains a number of images, videos, and other digital assets. Due to the volume of content, I’ve become interested in migrating my site to IPFS. I’ve got a version of my site deployed in an IPFS bucket using Now I’m trying to get my domain name to redirect to the IPFS bucket.

After searching online for a bit, it seemed like I needed to migrate my domain to Cloudflare to utilize the distributed web gateway and connect to the site via https. But now I’m wondering if that’s true. I went through what I thought was the domain transfer process this morning, but that instead seemed to just be the configuration process for setting up a free Cloudflare account and utilizing Cloudflare’s name servers.

As I’m relatively new to web server configuration and very new to the world of IPFS, I’m looking for some guidance about how to get to my goal of accessing my site via a custom domain over https when the site is resident in an IPFS bucket. I’m happy to transfer my domain to Cloudflare if that’s required.



Do you mean on IPFS gateway provided by Cloudflare or IPFS Textile bucket?:

From the link here:

IPFS bucket can work with your custom domain with Cloudflare.

If you already have a domain name, you would need to point your domain nameservers to the Cloudflare.
If you already have a Cloudflare account, add your domain to your account, otherwise start with creating your Cloudflare account first.

Here’s where I’m at currently. I’ve got my website live in a Textile bucket on IPFS at I created a CNAME record to map the subdomain to this domain. Unfortunately when I go to, I see ‘default backend - 404’. I thought this might be an SSL certificate issue but I get the same result with an http request. I’m not sure yet what is causing the problem.

Hm, I wonder is the IPFS routing configured correctly? I mean, does it follow each URL and direct it to index or somewhere else as it should, or because it cannot figure it out the route what to open and shown, it instad shows up the 404 error.

I suppose your CNAME is good pointed as it opens up the sub-domain, moreover having :orange: at it.

It seems to me it cannot found “the landing page” - index, or the routing is misconfigured at the Textile bucket.

See the issue here - returning 404:

Moreover, here more detailed:

On which ports are you running your app?

Could you check here regarding IPFS and Textile which you use?:

I started experimenting with Fleek recently for automated deployment of my website on IPFS and that has removed all of this complication.

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