Hosting a server behind cgn

i think Cloudflare could provide this ability to its users… there are options like ngrok but costs more than a static ip and has connection limits… basically useless for hosting a server at home.

with ipv4 addresses being limited, a feature like this would help a lot. especially for new developers and students without enough budget. being able to host your own apps/websites at home is a cost effective way to start but cgn prevents that. i bought a static ip but the cost really hurts my budget. it’s not much, sure… but i’m from a poor country with really low income.

also i think this would be a safer solution, not having a static/dedicated ip would prevent others from accessing the server, there would only be a connection between my pc and Cloudflare. things like shodan or censys probably couldn’t find the real ip addresses of the servers behind Cloudflare since the server wouldn’t be directly accessible on the internet.



wow i didn’t know it was already available :slight_smile: checked pretty much everything in the cf dashboard but only briefly, i thought it was some paid service related to argo or something because whenever i searched for “tunnel” and “Cloudflare” on google i got results about argo… now i switched to tunnel method even though i have a static ip, because seems like it’s a safer option… i’ll probably cancel my static ip subscription soon.

one last question, is there a way to receive some kind of notification when the server is down? like email or something? since it’s a simple question i think i shouldn’t create a separate post for it.

You could use any health check, there is a specific error for Tunnel offline. Cloudflare does offer health checks, but I’m not sure at the moment if it’s available on all plans, or only on (some) paid plans.

Active health checks, where Cloudflare will send probe traffic at a specific interval, are only available to paid plans.

Passive origin monitoring, is available for all, however, it will only send out notifications when Cloudflare notices that your visitor is getting errors while accessing your website.

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i had passive origin monitoring activated for weeks now and never got an email. i frequently had long downtimes as well since my app is still in development phase
guess 3rd party services like uptimerobot etc. is a better option for this feature? i can get notifications to my phone

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