Hosting a gaming server with changed DNS and/or App

Hi there, just a question based on my curiosity and exploration.

I’ve recently seen the app as well as the DNS updates. I’ve not done the router DNS update but my router is capable and I am keen to try it.

I’ve tried the app on my windows laptop which worked fined, albeit slower speeds.

I host a couple old gaming servers (Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead 2), and was wondering what the viability of using the Cloudflare App / DNS is? Is it something that anyone has tried and are the results of any significance?

I’d also had an idea that, because the server would technically be hosted on Cloudflare through my home server, it may act better as an international server that people around the world could get a decent ping.

Excuse any blatant ignorance here - Google didn’t provide much help yet. I hope this thread will become google-able for people searching similar old game servers.


I think you are mixing up the Cloudflare public DNS resolver (the DNS app etc.) and the Cloudflare Proxy/Security/Performance products.

The Cloudflare product that can help protect game servers is Spectrum. On all but the Enterprise plan that is limited to Minecraft. And the pricing is usually only for very, very small traffic game servers, unless you have deep pockets.

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Hey Michael, thanks for your response.

Yes, I’m referring to the Cloudflare app and/or the DNS changes within the router. Apologies my OP wasn’t clear.

Background: I’m interested in changing either my router config to or use the app on a specific PC. The specific PC does run a couple game servers.


  1. Does this have any general implications to performance, client-side pings, as an example, since pings are generally lower to a Cloud-based server than a single server?
  2. Does this have any general implications to reliability? As in, is this possible, or are running any forms of web servers, game servers, etc, not possible / not permitted on a home network using the Cloudflare DNS?

Thanks again for your response.


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