HostGator / Wordpress - error code of 1016

HI Guys,
I’m not too much of a techie… and need some help with getting a HostGator / Wordpress subdomain to work please. I have an error code of 1016.

I have set up a CNAME for the subdomain in Cloudflair (think this is right?) and the subdomain directory is within the root directory in my cpanel.
I can’t see where the DNS points to that directory though… is this the problem? how do I point to that directory?

Domain name is:

Hi @james1 - That is something that needs to be configured on the HostGator side, so you will need to reach out to them for guidance. If it helps their troubleshooting it appears that the 404 page you are getting is from them and is actually a 302 redirect.

Also, forgot to mention. I saw that you have some CNAMEs setup for subs that shouldn’t be proxied. You should switch those to :grey:.

“All other entries that are not web traffic (mail, ftp, etc.) should be toggled to a gray cloud. A gray cloud means that the traffic is not passing through the Cloudflare network.”