Hostgator Outlook 2016

I’m having MX DNS issue with my email when setting outlook 2016 client up.

Can anyone help me here

I think this is the hardest working #Tutorials on this site! Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare

I’d check your DNS records against the tutorial for differences.



It’s a little difficult to fully answer this question without more details. It could be several things. First, is your site finished propagating? Have you pointed your DNS to HostGator? Have you gotten your email set up yet? Here are a couple of useful articles:

Email set up:

Sometimes it’s hard fro us to diagnose email issues, because we can’t “see” the settings on your computer, but we can make sure you have the right settings to put in!
If those links don’t help, please reach out to support teams here: Live Chat (I’m only allowed two links so it won’t let me link to it) or You can reach us at the following numbers:
Toll Free: (866) 96 - GATOR (42867)
Local: (713) 574 - 5287
International: 00+1-713-574-5287


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