HostGator IMAP Email no longer working since connecting to CF... but I can't change the cloud to gray for MX

This seems like a common issue, and I know there is a reason for it but I am still unsure how to fix it. I’ve spent a few days trying to troubleshoot this on my own, and most posts for this type of issue say to change the orange cloud to a grey cloud…but I don’t have a cloud, it says “DNS Only” in the proxy status column. When I click the MX section to make changes, I can change the name, the server, the TTL, and the priority but I don’t have any option to change the cloud icon.

I can still send/receive email through webmail but I would like to sync this account with my iPhone. Any help is appreciated.

What’s the domain?

Your MX record points to And that DNS record is set to :orange:. Having mail hosted on the same server as a website is problematic.

Mail should go through a ‘mail’ subdomain that’s set to :grey:.

You will need to make sure your host can accommodate this.

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