Hostgator - Cloudfare - Add an email account (gmail)

Hi everyone,

I am facing an issue since few days and I am starting to tear off my hair, please help me even if if seems a stupid question.

My host: Hostgator
Cloudfare (free version) set up

I was trying to regroup 3 mails (from my domain) to my person Gmail account by “■■■ an email account” .
I got this message:
"There was a problem while connecting to
Server returned error: “Connection timed out: There may be a problem with the settings you added. Please contact your other email provider to verify the correct server name and port.”

After research I understood that what prevent me from connecting the mails to gmail is cloud fare. I checked in the DNS section of cloudfare, there A (mail) and MX. All the details look fine…

I have no idea what to do.


Is cloudfare providing the following information:
POP Server

No, that is email related and something you need to get from your host.

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