Hoster only supports https 1.1, will Cloudflare DNS serve the pages as http 2?

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as you can see our current hoster setup only supports http 1.1… My english or technical knowledge is not the best but I hope I can describe my question well enough.

If I book e.g. the Pro plan, implement the CDN and it works fine, will the CDN service let´s say take my http1.1 pages, cache them and “forward” them than as http 2 pages? Or should I try to get my blog to http 2 by default/my hoster. Dont know if what I am writing making sense. :frowning:


There is no such thing as HTTP 2 pages, but Cloudflare generally does support HTTP 2 and 3 on the proxies, you do not need a paid plan for that.

As for caching, Cloudflare will only cache static files, such as images, by default so anything else will still go to your server. You could cache that too, but that will only work if it is cacheable, for example you have no login.

The most important thing is that your ste loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare. Does it? If so, you can add Cloudflare and HTTP 2 and 3 support will work, but also keep in mind that both protocols have been somewhat hyped. HTTP 1.1 still is a very solid protocol.

thx for the insight.

Site works fine on 1.1. Yes. Just wondering if a CDN will push site speed as well for local guys in Germany?

Cloudflare is not really a CDN, but rather a caching proxy. With images cached, the site may load faster, but then I understand you host locally anyhow, so I would rather doubt your site will load significantly faster. Even more so in regards to your question on HTTP 2 and 3.

Bottom line, you can certainly add your site to Cloudflare, but unless you have resource bottlenecks with static files with your current hosting, there shouldn’t be much of a difference in terms of performance.

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ok. thank you for your support!

Have a great time!

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