Hoster blocking every server request

Hey, so i recently bought a VPS from a hoster. I pointed my domain to it and thought everything would go well. Some weeks later, my server got ddosed. I got an email from my hoster that my server gets ddosed and that they activated there firewall. The problem with that is, that it blocks, i guess, every request from servers, which normally would go through. Means the cloudflare can’t verify that my server is online and show it as offline while its on :confused:

I tried whitelisting the ip ranges from cloudflare, but that didnt work :confused:

There’s nothing we can do at this end if your host is blocking Cloudflare. Ask them to block anything that’s not Cloudflare, and let Cloudflare through. If they won’t, then you can’t use Cloudflare with that host.

Hoped that this isn’t the answer, but thanks anyways i’ll try.

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