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My email is hosted with noip and just wondering what the required DNS entries are?
I also have a couple of TXT records (don’t know where these came from):

 _dmarc   v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]   v=spf1 -all


This isn’t something we can answer, as this is entirely up to NoIP. Cloudflare will publish whatever DNS records you add. Just be sure all email-related DNS records are set to :grey: DNS Only.

Nor do we. But they look somewhat typical. Considering the second record includes noip, if you can solve the first question, it will probably answer your second question as well.

I found this:

I think I understand the second record. For the first one, is it expecting a fixed ip address for the noip mail server and where do I find find this? Sorry for newb questions…

Once again:

Please contact NoIP for assistance.

I contacted noip and they told me to add an mx record which is already there. I can send email from the account but not receive.

I currently have 5 records - 2 are proxied cname records for my root and one sub-domain. I don’t use the root domain for anything.

MX: DNS only
TXT: _dmarc v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]
TXT: v=spf1 -all

Looking for some help here, noip is not interested in assisting me on this. all worked prior to setting up my CF.

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Without knowing the domain, if you have the Mx record they told you to add and you can’t receive mail it’s a problem for them to solve.

If you visit Mxtoolbox and enter your domain name does it display the Mx record you expect?

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Thanks for this. I went on the site and it reported an SMTP Reverse DNS Mismatch. I have the A pointer and they said to add a PTR lookup back to which I added on CF but this didn’t work. Domain is liquidplan dot ca

You cannot add a relevant PTR record in your Cloudflare account. PTR records are managed by the party who has been allocated the IP network b6 the RIR. is CNAME that points to OpenSRS Cluster B. As such, no PTR record from that server cluster will ever point to that hostname.

So for the technically inept, what do I do?

Ignore the irrelevant notification about Reverse DNS Mismatch and move on.

Sorry, just trying to get my email to work. I was told to go to mxtools which I did and this was the only thing that came up.

I understand and I realize that you may not know what matters and doesn’t from what you see in MX Toolbox results.

As much as many of of us here may wish was something we could do that would help you with your problem, you are going to need to work with No-IP to figure out why your email isn’t making it to the mailbox you bought from them. If they aren’t able to assist, it might be time to find for another mailbox provider.

thanks. I will keep beating on that door.

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