Host Vue Storefront with Cloudflare Workers

I want to create a bunch of Wordpress and Shopify and have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to host Vue Storefront (nuxt js) in Cloudflare Workers to make it work on staging network? In fact, this application does not store any data, but only communicates directly with the shopfai.
  2. Is it possible to place this worker on the site url, for example, when opening, Vue Storefront will open


Yes, both of these are possible with Workers :slight_smile:

You may also be interested in Pages ( which is like Workers but makes it even easier to deploy your website + has no cost per request. The downside here would be you couldn’t map it to a path so you’d need to do like

Either way, hope this helps!

I’m sorry, I think @WalshyMVP misunderstood, what you’re after is service side rendering support for the store, right? So that it works for SEO for the store-front? Unfortunately that’s a far way into the future, while there is experimental support for a hydrated hybrid renderer inside of NuxtJS V3 and their Nitro engine, it’s not an integral part of Vue Storefront, which it would need to be to work as a renderer.

If you want to try to integrate such a renderer yourself, the docs for Nitro engine is here.