Host transfer, where do I add the multiple NS?

Hi there,

Any ideas on how to add the multiple NameServers?
I would like to transfer hosts.

Not 100% sure I fully understand the question.

Sounds like you domain is on Cloudflare at the moment but you are changing hosts and need to update this in Cloudflare?

If so, you should point to your new host with DNS records rather than changing the nameservers.

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I have 2 name servers to add or point to.
Do I just add thenameserver and IP address under A record?

No, you should not add the nameservers anywhere in Cloudflare. You should edit your DNS records to point to your new host.

You will likely need an A record for yourdomain.tld and for www. Also an MX record for mail.

You will probably be able to see the records you need somewhere in your host’s control panel or you can contact them for details if you are not sure.


yes I did that.
Ok great thank you again!


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