Host static HTML files on Cloudflare

I have known Cloudflare for many years but I’m still not fully aware of the functions and abilities of using a CDN. I want to know is there a way to server HTML files from Cloudflare CDN instead of from the server? Is this possible is paid plans? and If it is possible? In other words, is it possible to eliminate the my hosting service provider from the process of loading a page? Or is it possible to significantly reduce pressure on my own server using Cloudflare?

Serve HTML files? It’s possible with Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Pages.

Cloudflare Workers offers 100000 daily requests for free. Cloudflare Pages is also free to use, but they have some extra features which require to pay.

Caching of HTML pages can help too, only if the HTML pages are all static and likely unchanged.

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Cloudflare Pages? I didn’t know about that yet :sweat_smile:
Is it free to use? and I’m currently using Cloudflare mainly for SSL services, If I want to use Cloudflare Pages or Cloudflare Workers as you said, should I sign up for them too?
And doesn’t it conflict with my current Cloudflare usage?, requires hosting your websites files in either GitHub or GitLab then Cloudflare will attempt to pull the latest changes from there.

Once you already sign up and use Cloudflare previously, they are available in your account automatically.

In terms of?

Oh, i thought i can use Cloudflare pages while i hosted my files on my own current server. Could i still get benefit from Cloudflare pages while i host my files on another server rather than GitHub or GitLab?

You host the files on GitHub, but eventually Cloudflare will pickup all those files and then store them in their storage. Cloudflare Pages utilizes modern application development model which has deep integration to Git version control system, it does not connect to other servers.

Are you suggesting you do not have a valid SSL setup on your server?

Yes, i understood it, but it seems a little odd to host files on another server you don’t have full control over. I guess many webmasters don’t like to do so.

I do have SSL on my server. I believe its Let’s Encrypt but i prefer Cloudflare over it.

You can’t prefer Cloudflare over it. If you don’t have a valid SSL setup on your server you have an insecure setup per definition.

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I don’t exactly understand you. But before using Cloudflare, the certification was issued by Let’s Encrypt and it had some problems from some locations, but now it is issued by Cloudflare.

It’s simple. You need to have a certificate on your server. If you don’t, your site is insecure.

As I said earlier, i DO HAVE SSL on my website and my question is not related to having/not having SSL.

You said rather the opposite.

Oh, yeah. You are right. I edited it. although i mentioned in another post that i have SSL, but you were right :sweat_smile:

Closing this topic as the main question has been answered and prevent further off-topic replies.