Host not in cert's altnames

I am getting this error after adding gsuite MX records. MX records are correctly configured according to Google and webmail works sending and receiving. But, when we try to send from within an application on our server, we get the following:

“Host: is not in the cert’s altnames:”

I’m confused by some of the set up instructions for MX records. Can anyone help with what could be producing this error? I first added the gmail MX records and then created a new origin cert and installed it.


1 Like is not hosted by Cloudflare. Nor is any mail server proxied by Cloudflare. You’d have to check your application configuration and confirm with your mail host if their mail server is properly configured.

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My mail host is Google, through GSuite. We tried but that is throwing the error from the cert.

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Cloudflare can not assist with problems connecting to Gmail. You need to take this up with Google.

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