Host is NOT covered by

The host is NOT covered by the certificate. When will that happened.

My domain is NOT working. When typed the name nothing happened. It does NOT point to my website which is working and is online.

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We’d need a lot more info here, based on what has been provided no one can even attempt to help…

Domain Executiveleadership us does NOT work.

It has warning sign in picture, missing certificate.

Hello @executiveleadership, I have escalated this as I see no apparent issues from my end…


Checking the dashbaord the zone is not active. Can you go through the setup process picking a zone plan per: Add Site to Cloudflare


Yes Now the warning sign disappeared and I have received customer API thank.

I have one more question. I want my domain executiveleadership us to point to projectmanagment huskic dk . I used CNAME but it does NOT work. I got error page website NOT found

It does work, it’s just that your server is returning a 404. That’s not something we can help with…

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What can I do then

Contact who you use for hosting and or your developer. Cloudflare works now.

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OK but it seems like that Cloudflare can not translate CNAME to another domain which is working and is online

That’s not what CNAME is for.

Cloudflare is asking for, and is getting, the website for Host:, which goes to a 404.

You want a rewrite, which is a different thing. You need to tell your server to reply to with the correct website.

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OK let me understand. so I need to make an A record on Cloudflare instead

The Apache Server at (which seems to be hosted at most likely is not configured for requests from your new website/host/does not have a virtual host configured for it. You will need to reach out to your web host to get your new domain configured on their end.

If you are using, perhaps check out this:

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CNAME can be fine, you are telling Cloudflare to go to the same IP as the CNAME target. But the server needs to respond as if you were configuring an A record.

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Hi again, they told me to us redirect from Cloudflare…they can not help from their side

Hi Again…Now the link doubling 2 domain in one in http line:…Any idea what is wrong

I want the first one ttps:// to point to What can I do?`