Host has gone into liquidation PLEASE HELP!

Long story short i cant get to any one at Cloudflare that can help.

My business engaged the services of “Be Local Today” in QLD Australia.

They have gone into liquidation

They have not given any of their clients access to the back ends of their websites and or their G-Suite log ins

Because they have gone into liquidation once their bills arent paid i loose my website ( and all my emails i am led to believe.

I have obviously Paid money for them to build the site and again i have no access and they are not returning any calls or emails because they are liquidating.

my domain is through godaddy
i am told they are hosted through here via go daddy and also the company that does all their data back up.

How do i recover my website.

Doesn’t sound like anyone at Cloudflare can do anything. All of their assets are (legally) theirs to liquidate, even if you’re the “real” owner of it. Any resources they use via Cloudflare are also legally theirs, so CF can’t just give them out even if you have proof of payment.

All of your other questions and concerns in your post aren’t related to Cloudflare and so aren’t relevant to this forum.


:frowning: Thank you

I’m helping a ‘Be Local Today’ customer in the same shoes as you at the moment.

Cloudflare is hosting your DNS. You could go into your Godaddy account and change the name servers and use Godaddy’s DNS to point to a new server and your emails.

If you have admin access to your site - you will have to transfer the site to a new server. Same goes for the emails.

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