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Hi, I want to block DDOS attacks from my Game host configure Cloudflare and I can not stop the attacks. I heard that in the free version only blocks HTTP attacks and the hosting I think is FTP. Can someone help me please. Do I have to pay the 20 version per month? Thank you.

Mi hosting: I hope you can help me because no matter how much I put the domain and subdomain, I can not stop the attacks.

Connecting via a Cloudflared Domain prevents access to other ports than listed below. FTP, SSH, Mail etc. are not supported and will not be proxied through Cloudflare. So the attempts don’t reach your origin server.

However. If the attacker knows your server address it’ll keep ongoing. Most likely they will do this if they just try to brute force your accounts. Scanning networks is more effective than trying random domain names.

I this case you can stop them with a separate firewall only. Deny any, allow Cloudflare (if there’s a webserver and some static IP(s) so you will still be able to connect to your server via FTP, SSH…

If you are running a Minecraft Server at Nitrado maybe @matteo could help you. IIRC he had a working solution. :thinking:

If you can wait a couple of hours on the server O will gladly help! In the meantime: what have you tried?

Hello, if FTP is not compatible, it means that Cloudflare will not stop the attacks. mmm what do you recommend to use? the truth is I’m tired that these people do not let me use my server for their continuous attacks. I did not understand about @matteo.

Actually I can not expect any nitrado support because they do not want to help in any way that’s why I looked for a third party DDOS anti. I hope you can help me.

Game is Battlefield 3.

Cloudflare WILL stop attacks against your FTP service. That’s the clue. If someone is attacking
your domain(!) on port 21, Cloudflare will not proxy the traffic (because it’s an unsupported port) and therefore it doesn’t reach your server.

But as far as i know, Battleflied servers are listed and published with their IP, not a domain name. But BF doens not need / support FTP?

It seems to me that something is mixed here.

Nitrado offers Webspace as well. This will be accessed via FTP to upload content. I found an article on their German Wiki pages how to change your domain to Cloudflare:über_Cloudflare

Not very extensive though.

They have also a DDoS mitigation in place. And they say, that they block the incoming traffic instead of sinkholing the target (like many other companies do). Not sure if this is true. Within your webinterface you will find a DDoS history. Is there any hint what exactly has been attacked?

The link that you passed had seen it and I did it as the host of Battlefield shows it to me with its IP and subdomain when I wanted to put the subdomain in Cloudflare would not let me buy a domain inside nitrado and I put the IP of the server in that domain to associate it with. After that I put the domain at the beginning and then put the IP in A the domain again in CNAME and the IP and the subdomain of the server just in case. I am completely sure that they are attacking the server’s IP, not the domain. In the record of attacks of nitros DDOS nothing appears and within Cloudflare either. I believe that by directly attacking the server IP and not the domain Cloudflare does not detect the attack. The truth is no longer tried of everything. Something I must be putting wrong.

So sorry @vicentico2017, read the thread quickly and misread a bit the conversation.

There is currently a beta ongoing which could help you in this case, I don’t know if they will include you or how much it will cost after the beta though (ask @dani) :

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Sorry if I do not understand is that I’m using a translator. You say a beta solution can come out soon that can help me in my case?

Which language do you speak? Maybe we don’t need to use English.

That’s exactly what I am saying. It’s currently in the beta phase.

My language is Spanish, I understand then I have no more to wait since there is nothing that Cloudflare does for me at this time? …

Italian here so not really…

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy FTP traffic, it proxies only HTTP(S). It proxies other protocols only while using the beta service.

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