Host Error issue - My domain is not added into Cloudflare then How it is showing this?

I didn’t attached my domain with Cloudflare but my domain is showing Host down, Cloudflare is fine… Here is Ray ID: 741c7ffc78fea08f

( Note: I have joined Ezoic Adnetwork. I think they optimize website via Cloudflare.)

I face this issue from last 15 days. My website get down for 12-15 hours a day but my subdomains are working fine. All of them are hosted at Godaddy Hosting but my main domain get down again n again.

Please help me to resolve it. My domain is (screenshot)

Waiting for your response.
-Nisar H

That screen shows a 520 error:

You will likely want to ask Ezoic as they are responsible for the Cloudflare integration.

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