Host email stops working when Cloudflare is activated


I use my host (Hostnine) for email, e.g. [email protected]. It stops working when I activate Cloudflare.
I have the following A and MX records set in both Cloudflare and cpanel:
A - - points to host ip address
MX - - handled by host server e.g.
My host support says the settings are correct. The A record cloud is greyed. Everything I have read from Cloudflare indicates these are correct settings.
I need help getting the email to work with Cloudflare activated.


Which part of mail isn’t working? People can’t send you mail, or that you can’t receive your mail? is one tool that helps test your DNS settings.


I can’t send or receive email. Although the email is in cyberspace somewhere because when I turn off Cloudflare all of the test emails I have sent to myself show up in my inbox.


Email tends to wait in a queue for a couple of days when a server is down or unreachable.

What’s the domain?


When I say “turn off Cloudflare” I mean change the DNS nameservers back to the host’s nameservers.

Thanks for your help


I’ve been working on this problem for 3 weeks. Everytime I go back to my host’s nameservers the emails instantly show up in my inbox.


The MX record (inbound mail) looks good to me, and seems to work.

Does your web host have a webmail interface for your mailbox? That would at least show if inbound mail works. also looks good to me as a valid IMAP/POP server.


Yes, the host has a webmail interface. I just rechecked it and my test emails are not being delivered to it.


I just manually connected and sent a message from my own [email protected] email address. It looks like your server accepted it. Did you get it?

It just doesn’t make sense that inbound mail would stop working if you turn off Cloudflare. The MX record should be identical (right?) and have nothing to do with Cloudflare.


yes, I did receive a test message from [email protected] Now, I am really confused. Does that mean that the email system is working? Why not when I send an email to it?


OK, I just sent a test email from a different account and it worked. Evidently, it won’t forward an email to an account that it is sent from. My bad.

Thank you very much for the help. This problem seems to be resolved.


Glad to hear it! I went back and redacted my test email address in your message.


Hello Sdayman,
My email has not worked since I redirected DNA to CloudFlare. Received helpful (but cryptic to me) code from my domain provider (
When I come into CloudFlare to enter the MX line code, it’s just way over my head and pay grade.
Is there any chance you could walk me through this?
Alarmed that one misstep will take down my entire domain.
Looking forward to your reply,
Thank you


DNS (not DNA)