Host change - where do I update new hosting IP in Cloudfare?

I’m transferring hosting from Bluehost to Rootpal. Since I already have Cloudfare, Rootpal told me all I had to do was update to their IP address, which they provided. Where in my account do I do this?

Normally that would be in the DNS section for your domain

As you’re moving from Bluehost, there’s a chance your DNS records are over there. If DNS here says your records are at a partner, you’ll have to completely turn off Cloudflare at Bluehost.

Thanks for the speedy response! Sorry if a dumb question - does this mean that anywhere there is an IP address in the DNS records, I change that to the new Rootpal IP address? (I might want to wait on doing the mail server)

Correct. More than likely, all those IP addresses are the same. If you’ve moved all services over, then they’d all change (if they were all the same to begin with). I suggest you take a screenshot of all that before you make any changes.

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Appreciate your help so much! I just changed them (gulp)!!

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