Host change from Godaddy to Hostgator

I have changed my hosting company and I believe I have to change in the dash.cloudflare under the dns tab the first three settings, admin, mail, and my domain name. The ip address I am guessing is the hosting account for Godaddy. Should I replace this number in all three cases to the hosting account # for Hostgator?? Thank you in advance…

Yes, you’ll have to change that second field on several entries. Either CNAMEs or “A” records will point to a different hostname or IP address. Your email (MX, mail, smtp/imap/pop) entries may also change.

I have made these changes. How long before I can see my website on my new hosting company?

For DNS entries set to :orange:, it should be instant. If it’s :grey:, then it’s whatever you set the TTL to.

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