Host change and SSL Status


My site was associated with Cloudflare by another developer who is not reachable now. I have moved my domain to point to another hosting provider. Now my SSL doesn’t work which was perhaps taken from Cloudflare. How can i get free SSL for my WordPress site? and just simply changing names servers to another host can free my domain from CloudFlare? Everyone who access the site now get invalid cert error and not able to see the site?


Your new hosting provider needs to configure your site with an SSL certificate. Cloudflare can also generate one if your host will let you install it.

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Hi @sdayman

Thanks for quick reply. My host does give me option to install Cloudflare. Before i try that one more question is that I have generated SSL with easy ssl plugin in my Wordpress Site. should uninstall and delete this plugin then use Cloudflare?


Plugins do not generate SSL. This has to be done at the server level.

This is not SSL on your server.

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