Host blames Cloudflare for 504 error

I have been using Cloudflare with my website for about two years with no issues. Yesterday morning, shortly after making a post to Wordpress, the site crashed and I received the 504 error.

I contacted my host who is blaming Cloudflare but the error logs show something about an endurance-cache-plugin.php file I didn’t install. I looked up that plugin and it seems to be something Bluehost adds and has caused problems with other sites.

Bluehost again this morning blamed Cloudflare.

When I turned off Cloudflare yesterday, after Bluehost first suggested it was the issue, the cloudflare text and graphics on the error page disappeared and I was just left with the 504 error text. Now Bluehost is saying the site has to propogate first.

Is there someone that can help me determine what is going on?


5xx are due to a problem connecting to the host, but right now, your site is still on Cloudflare.

And, as you’ve suspected, it’s probably something happening at the host. 99% of the time, it is. And hosts frequently blame Cloudflare because they don’t want to spend the time tracking down the error.

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