Host and registrar are different. How does this impact DNS settings?

Tengo un sitio web alojado en Bluehost, pero el dominio esta registrado con otro proveedor que esta apuntando los DNS a Blue host, si cambio los DNS del proveedor del dominio por los Cloudflare no dejaría de visualizarce mi sitio web alojado en Bluehost

That is the correct way to do it.

Cloudflare will copy the DNS information from Bluehost, then your visitors will go through Cloudflare to see your site on Bluehost.

Hi Sdayman, thanks for answering

If I change the dns I will surely have problems with my email, because BlueHost redirects all the emails to gmail … I will not be able to change the main dns … How do you see this?

Hi @hfvwebdesign, What @sdayman said is correct, here’s background,

To trouble shoot email, and finally, detail on changing nameservers -

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