Host 2 sites on 1 device?

My question is, would i be able to host 2 or more websites on one device? (for example, i host the 2nd site on another port, not 80, would i be able to redirect to that port without adding the port behind the domain?

Commercial webservers host numerous sites on one device. You can, too.

Don’t do that. Using non-standard ports only serves to make life needlessly complicated.

Not really.

Why not use name-based virtual hosting? It has been standard practice for more than the past two decades.


Thanks, i will look into name-based virtual hosting, appreciate your response.

If you are hosting stand-alone applications that listen on various ports, look into running a reverse-proxy in front of them. I strongly recommend running them on 443 using TLS unless you are planning on securing them with a Cloudflare tunnel.

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