Horrible Support

Gosh! I must tell Cloudflare support is the worst!!! I’ve been paying Cloudflare through siteground and they since they cut ties with each other I wish to pay for Pro Plan for 4 different accounts. However it seems like somehow Cloudflare recognize my accounts as reseller account so I cannot pay for the upgrade. I’ve been emailing since yesterday and the support quality couldn’t be worse! So I’ve found that there are alternative services thank God! I’ve been a clients for about 5 years!

So you’ve been emailing from a reseller/partner account since Friday - please tell me you don’t expect a reply on the weekend.

I’d suspect that partner accounts are expected to get support through their partner - although it seems like your issue is that your account shouldn’t be a partner account.

What’s the ticket number?

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Yeah, as I said Siteground and Cloudflare are no longer partners, so I was looking to purchase a Pro plan for myself first, then for my clients. Didn’t work as Cloudflare still recognize my account as resellers accout and Cloudflare couldn’t be helpful as they seem to be working on weekends as you kindly informed me. I replied their email 30 seconds after they first wrote and no reply since then.

If the zone is on Cloudflare and says it is managed by a partner you need to remove the zone from your account and add it directly/ change the nameservers as directed.


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