Horrible! Suddenly my domain name is GONE!

First to first, thank you Cloudflare for being a must-have stuff in my last 8 years working as internet-freelancer

Im Rendi from Indonesia.

And yes, i got report from client today, and she asked me to fixed this issued…
I supposed its come from malicious works to deface, but than i check there are no issued at all in server.
And when i check my dashboard, a domain that i mention above is gone…

Somebody please tell me,

  1. how to restore dns record that i have in before
  2. how my domain is just gone like a ghost? Is it any explanation about it?

I wasn’t able to locate the account in question, but what I can tell you is that:

  1. Once a domain has been removed from your account it has to be added back like a new zone, meaning any prior settings are lost (though we are looking into solutions for that situation).
  2. Domains don’t really get deleted for no reason. What may have happened is that the name servers for your domain were moved off of Cloudflare, at which point a process begins where we attempt to notify the account holder and eventually remove the domain altogether.

Hello Ryan, Nice to meet you. And Thank you for your attention.
In fact, this is also the first and only experience that makes me a little afraid of using Cloudflare.

I do not mean to make something provocative, but from this incident, I hope to find an answer by creating this thread.

For the first point, I understand and have done that.

For the second point, I do not think it is possible, because all the domains connected to my Cloudflare account are fine, only 1 domain is delete and this causes the domain is gained like a deface attack.

Here is the link of my screenshoot results before I finally create this thread for the purpose of getting answers.

My apologies, but I’m not totally following. That domain from the screenshot does not appear to have been linked to the email address you are posting from. Perhaps you can email supportATCloudflareDOTcom with additional details and the support team can investigate.

I’ve reviewed this domain in our records and I think perhaps you’re mistaken as to this domain having been managed by you on Cloudflare. The DNS name server records don’t point to Cloudflare and other internal data as Ryan suggests seems to indicate that as well.

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Hi Scar? What domain you inpect for this case? A domain name on screenshoot?

Btw, i have writing email today… I hope i can get the answer.