Homepage is not being refreshed

Hi guys, I honestly don’t understand this issue. I am running a wordpress website, using godaddy for the domain and cloudways for the server. I purged Cloudflare’s cache already a million times over a few days and the homepage is not being refreshed. All the other pages in the site are showing the updates, but the jomepage isn’t. I can see in the source that the page ID is the same… but it is not being updated, and I have no rules on anything

If you purge Cloudflare cache and it does not refresh, then Cloudflare was not the issue and not the only cache you should have purged. Since you use GoDaddy please ask them if there is anything that caches the homepage. Additionally also check if your server at Cloudways is caching things.

AFAIK Cloudflare purges cache very reliably (given the 30s window) but after this it is 100% purged.

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