Homepage (/) is always a MISS

Hi, I just enabled APO on our site, but I’ve noticed that the homepage is always a MISS, no matter my login status or which browser I use.

Can someone from CF please advise as to how I can ensure that everything is configured correctly to keep the homepage cached.

There are updates to the site on a daily basis, but only every 6 hours, so given that we have at least 100 visitors on the site at all times the homepage shouldn’t fall out of the cache.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You may have a header or cookie that prevents caching. Do any pages cache?

What’s the domain?

@sdayman Ah, right. I never thought to dig through the headers.

The domain is thenewstack.io.

Your cache-control is set to 120 seconds. Free plans have a minimum 2 hour cache. I suspect if you set that header so low, Cloudflare just won’t cache it. Or maybe because it’s not set to Public.

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