Homepage Blank

My hosting provided, Backbaud, updated a plugin (Slider Revolution) on my WordPress website on 1/31/20. And days later on 2/8/208 , my homepage, where the slider is located, was totally blank. All other pages on the website worked fine, just the homepage was a blank white screen. It returned a valid HTTP response so my uptime monitor did not report any downtime.
My hosting provider said the homepage looked fine after the plug-in update on 1/31/20.

They are blaming a Cloudflare caching issue. After I cleared my Cloudflare cache, the homepage returned. I have my Browser Cache TTL set to 4 days and my Caching Level is set to Standard.

How can this happen?

Also, my cache headers on my WordPress site are set to no cache.

What is the domain? If you pause cloudflare from the overview tab of the dashboard, is the page still blank?


This happened that past weekend, clearing Cloudflare cache fixed the issue but I’m not sure why there was a issue with Cloudflare cache in the first place? We’ve updated the plug-in before and had no issues.

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