Homelab: Jellyfin/Plex and or Nextcloud

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I have a homelab where my ISP has put me behind a NAT and I used CF Tunnel to expose it to the Internet, there are currently Jellyfin and Nextcloud, I only used these two instance privately: Personally, Family and limited-set of Friends (Rarely happens for Jellyfin, most of the time just sharing some small files over Nextcloud).

I serve these files from my local NAS, I can’t just migrate to cloud

The question is as per Service-Specific Terms - Cloudflare, is this specific use-case allowed? Even with CF Tunnels? I need a more clearer statement.

Forgot to add this detail, the Nextcloud and Jellyfin over the Internet is only used when only I’m outside of my home network. I ran a DNS Server in my home to rewrite the domains for Jellyfin and Nextcloud to a Private IP.

Before asking find other ISP:
I wanted to switch my ISP from Telkom (Indihome) to Biznet Home but it haven’t reached my home (Indonesia) yet. Although probably I’ll just create a proxy using frp from a non NAT-ed host in the cloud

From the article you referenced:

Finally, we made it clear that customers can serve video and other large files using the CDN so long as that content is hosted by a Cloudflare service like Stream, Images, or R2.

That suggests to me that your use case is unlikely to be compliant, even with the updated terms. Whether it would trigger any enforcement measures is not something to which I know the answer.

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