Home webserver - ISP does not support IPv6

I have set up my personal website on my home network. Unfortunately my ISP does not yet support IPv6.

I run the webserver via Cloudflare, using an origin server certificate. All works well, except, of course, client IPv6 requests time out.

I am trying to configure Cloudflare to “convert” IPv6 requests and pass on to my webserver as IPv4 requests. Is this at all possible?

I have disabled “IPv6 Compatibility” and enabled “Pseudo IPv4”, but without success.

Any suggestions?

My server(s) aren’t configured for IPv6 and I’m not having this issue. I only have an IPv4 “A” record for my website. Cloudflare routes IPv6 traffic to my server’s IPv4 address.

What does your timeout error look like?

I use the Uptrends monitor log (www.uptrends.com). All checkpoints are OK, except for two which give Error 522 after 30 seconds. Uptrends’ customer service confirmed that these two checkpoint send IPv6 requests.

What about all the other checkpoints that passed?

What about all the other checkpoints that passed?

Confirmed as IPv4.

If you don’t have any “AAAA” records for that domain, there’s no way Cloudflare could send an IPv6 request to your server.

This is definitely an interesting issue and I’m curious as to what could cause it. Can you open a Support Ticket? You can email them the domain name and a full description of the issue to: support AT cloudflare DOT com

As soon as you the autoreply, please post the ticket # here so we can escalate it (even if the ticket auto-closes).

Thank you for your quick replies. The ticket # is 2309133.

I’ve added it to the escalation queue. As it’s the weekend, Support usually doesn’t check on Community Escalations, but hopefully someone can check on it Monday.


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I have more information to add which should help solve the problem.
I have used the following site to ping websites using IPv6 addresses.

This works well with a second site I have on Cloudflare, giving IPv6 address witihin Cloudflare’s ranges.

However, with the problematic site, I get an error message “Destination could not be resolved.”

So the requests are not getting to Cloudflare. What could be the problem? Could my DNS records cause this, or is the configuration corrupted and I should remove the site and re-add it to Cloudflare?

Without knowing the actual hostname, we can only speculate. Support will be able to answer that.

The situation appeared to resolve itself overnight. Maybe Cloudflare support fixed something. Anyway, thank you very much for your help.

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