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Some of my choices on the sidebar have disappeared (DNS, SSL/TLS etc.). Can someone help me find them?

Can you clear browser cache & try again? Sorry for the issues.

If you keep getting the error, can you create an Account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open an Account ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

Will that work even if the entire format/way it looks is different than before?

I don’t see an error on your dash and the options you mention appear for me.

I will look when I get home thank u

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Redacted image

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This is what I see. Looks nothing like the original menu. Please help

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Got it, thank you. I removed the images for privacy purposes.

Click the big box for your domain, the page you’re hitting is an account overview page, if you click the domain name you’ll see dns and the site level controls. Let us know if any issue.

That was it. Thank you!

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