Home page updating issue

When I update my server with latest home page, it is updating but with in 5 to 10 minutes server is fetching back to old home page file.

I clear the cache and purge the cash and added page rule but still it is behaving same. since 15 days i am facing this problem. any help please.

If you Purge Everything from Cloudflare’s cache, that version is gone from all of Cloudflare. Anything after that was pulled from your server. Have you asked your host about this?

Yes, they are saying it’s cloudflare issue.

When I disable cloudflare it is showing updated file but when I enable it. it is bring back to old home page.

On Aug 15th cloudflare people deployed some certification pack, from that time onwards I am facing this issue previously I never faced this issue.

What’s the domain?

Cloudflare isn’t caching the home page:

How many A, AAAA, and/or CNAME records do you have for cricketforindia.com?

A records 4
CNAME records 12

I don’t see any duplicates so it’s not sending requests to two different places. I’m afraid I don’t see any reason that Cloudflare would hold on to an old version of the page.

How can I come out from this problem.

I deleted home page and waited for 10 minutes. again it is getting uploaded and serving old home page.

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