Home page not updating

We have a website built with theme forests directory 2 theme. We have had a couple of issues with the theme and Cloudflare. The latest being that a couple of links have been updated on the home page, but they do not seem to show the new link on the live website. We have attempted to update these links on a number of occasions on different days from varied PCs - not tried standing on one leg whilst singing “Rule Britannia” yet, but I’m close to it. I’m not sure about purging the cache and what it will do to the site.
Any ideas?

You are on the right track. Purge the cache. It will force Cloudflare servers to get those file from your server and deliver new versions to the clients.

Thanks for this. I have purged the cache, but it doesn’t seem to have updated the page yet?

It is either a client cache issue or a server one. Client caching doesn’t fit to your situation but you can test it by pressing CTRL+F5.
Now since you had cleared Cloudflare cache, there should be somewhere else (at your server) which is doing caching. Please provide more info so we can help better.

Hi Xaq…I´m having the same problem…sometimes it updates on chrome browser but stays the same on others (IE, OPERA, Firefox)…I´v purged the cache many times and ctrl F5 to update my cache but no results.
Please help me thanks a lot

Caching could be done on the Cloudflare side or browser. Seems you have purged browser cache. Try purging Cloudflare cache from inside your panel.