Home page load time is awful

my site is day6agency.com

I tested the speed on the cloudflare dashboard.

It showed a result that my home page loaded in 56seconds without cloudflare and 97% faster with cloudflare.

Since I believe my site is serving through cloudflare, I have had several people say it takes my site forever to load. I did my own test in Firefox after clearing my cache and browser history and it took longer than 1 minute to load the home page. This leads me to believe my site isn’t using Cloudflare to show people.

How do I know if it’s a Cloudflare issue or not?

Dont worry your page is using Cloudflare since the Nameservers are pointing to it and you are proxying your traffic through Cloudflare.
But Cloudflare is not capable of magically improve your pages speed. It can do some things andsoem things it cant do. If your dynamic requests are slow they will also be slow with Cloudflare.

The problem here is clearly your origin server, not Cloudflare since your origin server takes more then 10s to answer a dynamic request:

Is the origin server issue possibly core processor related? Is it the server’s hardware or could it be something to do with the host’s network or internet connection? I’d like to be able to evaluate if it’s a hardware issue or something else but have no idea how to do that.

I bet that first redirect is Cloudflare redirecting it to HTTPS, but that second redirect looks like the server is redirecting it to ‘www’, and that simple request is taking an extremely long time for the server to process.

Your host will have to assist with this. They may try to blame Cloudflare, in which case, I suggest you toggle your ‘www’ record to :grey: DNS Only.

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