Home Page is trapped on redirect loops :(

I have been working on a website with Cloudflare, and everything was excellent until about three weeks ago, when the homepage i trapped on a redirect loop that could not been removed, not by the ways on the internet, not by deactivating the plugins and checking one by one, and not bycleaning cache of the website or deactivating and reactivating Cloudflare and it still is not working, the most rare of everything is that all the other pages on the website are currentlly working as usual and as they should be working, the problem is only on the homepage and the access panel to wordpress admin.
I have tried with my host support who sent me to my domain support, and in my domain support nobody could know what was the problem, and they were guessing that it is Cloudflare, if anyone could know about it and how to fix it, it would be amazing.

Without knowing the domain, it’s a bit hard to diagnose. if it’s ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS, have a look at this guide.

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