Home Page has changed

Home page to Winslowwheelers.co.uk has changed and cannot access original website.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

While it is certainly helpful that you have included the domain name, no one in the Community is likely to have any prior knowledge of your site. This means we won’t know what has changed.

Can you please explain your situation in greater detail?


OK, thank you for acknowledging my email.

The original winslowwheelers.co.uk website was set up in a similar way to swanwheelers.bike. However, the home page changed at the weekend and cannot access it at all.

While you have technically provided more information, we need way more.

Both domains you have shared load just fine. Do you mean something else by the following?

It may help if you share what action you are taking, along with your expected outcome and the actual outcome.


Action: I visit example.com in my browser and click Log In
Expectation: I enter my credentials and am taken to an administrative page
Actual: The site returns 404 Page Not Found

  • or -

Action: I visit example.com in my browser
Expectation: Our fancy new site loads
Actual: Our old website appears instead

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The content on the www.winslowwheelers.co.uk website has changed completely. I am the only person with admin rights and I have not knowingly changed anything. Can you not retrieve the web pages that were there before the weekend, please?

If I’m following your still murky explanation, it sounds like you are describing a scenario similar to what I described in my second example.

How do you propose that anyone other than you could possibly do that?

Unles you use Cloudflare Pages, Cloudflare does not host your site. That means that Cloudflare doesn’t have copies of your site, current or historical. The challenge in describing your issue likely stems from confusion as to Cloudflare’s role in connection to your site. This explanation may help.

If you have your website backups with you then restore it to get earlier state of your site. Contact your hosting provider.

@stewartbatchelorjmz There is a link at the bottom of your site that indicates it was built with 123 Reg Website Builder. That points to your registrar 123 Reg also being your webhost. You will need to contact them for assistance with your site.

Hi, I gave established that the issue is isolated to the Forum page in www.winslowwheelers.co.uk.
This page is from microco.sm. I understand that this has changed to microco.app. Is this something you can help me with, please?

Sorry the updated link is microcosm.app

I doubt it. I don’t yet even know what you think is wrong with your forum site. It loads fine for me from both the link on your WWCC home page and via direct access using both the forum hostname in your domain and the wwcc hostname in the micrcosm.app domain.

If you can humor me and describe the problem using the Action/Expectation/Actual format, maybe we can figure out if Cloudflare is even involved once we understand what you are trying to change.

Resolved it now, sorry to bother you

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I am genuinely glad to learn that you got it fixed, even if I still don’t know what “it” was.

Stay safe out there and happy cycling!

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